“Check out the big brain on Brett”

This scene in pulp fiction is one of my favorites and as soon as I learned about this assignment I knew this was the scene I wanted to recreate. In this scene Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, both gangsters, show up to the house of a bunch of people who owed money to their boss. When they arrive the group of young men are eating cheeseburgers from Kahuna Burger. In the most intimidating way possible, Samuel L. Jackson takes the cheeseburger from the leader of the group named “Brett” while making small talk about hamburgers.  All of a sudden he snaps, shoots one of the friends, and starts interrogating Brett about why they tried to “fuck Mr. Wallace like a bitch.” I tried to replicate the intimidating stare of Samuel L. Jackson while he is eating the cheeseburger but was unable to really capture the intensity of his glare. A few things that I thought I did successfully were the placement of my hand on the cheeseburger, the fact that he eats the cheeseburger with the bottom bun on top, and the only toppings are cheese, lettuce, and ketchup.

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