It always seems like the smaller dogs are the most vicious doesn’t it. In this case that is definitely the truth. Lion dog is not scared of you and will attack if you get too close. He may look cute from afar but you do not want to mess with this angry cat-dog hybrid.

My reason for choosing these photos is that a friend of mine has a maltese chihuahua which weighs no more than 8 pounds but, is still the most vicious dog I’ve ever met. I always joke about how there must be a little bit of something else in the dogs DNA that makes it so vicious and this picture I believe is the perfect representation of this dog. Creating the picture was not easy at first. I had a few challenges along the way such as how to merge the images and then how to resize them so it would fit correctly. At first I read about it online to try to figure it out but after that did not work I turned to and I finally figured it out.


Here are the links to the two photos I used


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