How Healthy Am I?

I spent the last couple of weeks keeping track of how I spend my time. The categories I measured were intended to give me a good idea of how healthy I was being. I was inspired to do this because I feel like I have not been living a very healthy lifestyle recently. I have been very stressed by the amount of work I have and feel like I have not had very much time to spend on fun activities. When I gathered the data however I noticed a peculiar trend. During these two weeks I was actually getting plenty of sleep and also had a lot of time spent being social with friends. This was not what I had expected my data to look like. I was expecting to see a lot more time spent working and a lot less time spent alone and spent being social but this was a pleasant surprise. Another thing that I kept track of was my meal healthiness. I think that an average of 6.8 is not bad but could definitely better. I will work on this in future weeks.

Another aspect of my life that I measured was my stress and happiness levels. What I found from this was that I generally felt very happy unless I was very stressed. But even when I was really stressed about tests and papers I was still at a 5 for happiness which I think is healthy. Overall I think that I can get very stressed by I have found ways to manage my stress.


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