Visual Assembly of New Media Writing

Here is my architectural diagram of New Media Writing. The three columns of the diagram represent what I believe to be the three main parts of the course. On the left are the sketch assignments. These sketch assignments were weekly assignments meant to expose us to different forms of new media writing and composition styles. While the content of them varied, they all shared the theme of being something new and sometimes quite challenging forms of writing online. The column on the right side has the major assignments we did for the class. This includes the Technology Literacy Narrative, the Equality of Opportunity Project, and the Podcasts we did as groups. These assignments all required critical thinking and analysis which helped us develop as writers in a more traditional sense than the sketch assignments. The middle column contains the learning objectives for the class. This column is in the middle because it represents what was at the core of the class. The learning objectives were what each assignment forced us to accomplish making them very central to the class.

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